Enhancing the quality of life in Historic Springfield through beautifying its public spaces,
providing volunteer service, and educating the community, while preserving its history.




Tuesday, September 18th

Dinner at 6:30PM, Presentation will begin at 7:00PM

Come and enjoy a delicious spaghetti dinner, compliments of SIAA!

Food and beverages will be provided (vegetarian available).

We look forward to sharing accomplishments and plans for upcoming projects.

We would also love to hear from you! Bring a neighbor and come join us.

The Oral History Committee has a special treat to share!

Springfield Improvement Association and Archives

210 West 7th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32206

We are your community organization! Please don't hesitate to contact us of we can do something to improve or help.
Give us a call, 904-633-9308 or email us, siaa@historicspringfield.org.