April 12, 2016

SIAA Board Meeting Minutes April 12, 2016

Present:  Austin Rieley, Shannon Elian, Adam Halstead & Kiley Secrest, Jeff Gardner, Chris Farley, & Michael Estoy

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Adam Halstead.  Adam asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes from March. The motion was made by Chris Farley to approve the minutes as presented. Jeff Gardner seconded the motion Motion Carried. Jeff Gardner made a motion to accept the Special Meeting Minutes as presented. Michael Estoy seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Treasury Report:

Chris Farley made the motion to accept the Treasury Report as presented. Austin Rieley seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Items Open for Discussion:

Election of Officers: Frank Noonan will handle the election at our April 19 meeting.

Main Street Median Lighting: SPAR pays JEA, and SIAA pays for the maintenance. Adam presented an estimate from Kim’s Electric, who propose replacing 31 round, mounted lights with LED lights. The cost for this is $195 per bulb. It is $225 per bulb for 175 watt metal lamp. This means the cost would be roughly $3700 to re-work what is there. The 42 mounted lights can be done over time, but the 31 lights need to be done all at once. SIAA has set aside $2000 for the Main Street lighting. Chris Farley made a motion to use these funds toward the lighting. Kiley Secrest seconded the motion.Motion Carried.

LISC & the Kiosks: The meeting with LISC produced the fact that they do not have as much funding as they thought for a Springfield project. Chris Farley presented the kiosk idea, and the discussion was tabled until next month. People are very interested in the “Little Free Libraries.” The kits are $259 each. We can spend up to $1000, and we can do 3 or 4. Chris Farley made the motion to purchase 3 kits, and Jeff Gardner seconded the motion. Motion Carried. Adam said once we have decided the locations, we can announce them. It will be a good idea to gather feed back from the residents;  there are 2 of them on the Eastside now. It was the general consensus to put 2 on the Westside, and the third one could be decided on at a later time.

Springfield Leaders Meeting: Jeff attended this meeting. Some of the groups were not there. They agreed to meet every quarter to speak about different projects. We each have our own contributions to make to Springfield, and no one wants to duplicate what is already in the works.

Holiday Home Tour: The sponsor packages are almost ready. Austin wants to get a committee together next week. The first meeting will be at SIAA on Monday at 7:00 p.m. Some of the homes discussed were 1210 N. Market, one apartment within the school that is on the other side of the apartment that was on the tour last year. Drew Hunter’s house on Silver was also discussed.

Committee Reports:

Rentals: We have 6 outstanding bookings, and the calls remain steady.

Membership: Membership invoices go out on June 1. Debbie Thompson has made a “Welcome Brochure.” Michael Estoy has ideas for the Neighborhood Watch, and technology. This will be discussed at the next Board Meeting.

Building: We now have 4 new fans. The painting is not done at this time. There was a revised estimate with an increase of $50.00. The original estimate was $250. Adam Halstead made the motion to spend the $50.00 more. Chris Farley seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Grounds: No Report

Archives: Rita Reagan cleaned out the attic on 6th Street, which held items belonging to SHEC, and Jeff will go through everything and organizing it.

Garden Club: The March meeting will be at Therese O’Connell’s home at 1217 Laura Street.

Announcements: Jamie Torrason will be discussing the S-Line at our next meeting, April 19.

Adjourn: There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Austin Rieley, and seconded by Jeff Gardner. Motion Carried.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:26 p.m.