August 10, 2017

SIAA Board Meeting Minutes August 10, 2017

Present:  Jeff Gardener, Chris Farley, Tim Howe, Annie Howe, Adam Halstead, Debra Thompson, Julie Rider, & Shannon Elian

The meeting was called to order by Adam Halstead at 7:06 p.m. Adam asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes from June. The motion was made by Tim Howe to accept the minutes as presented. Annie Howe seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Treasury Report:

Chris Farley made the motion to accept the Treasury Report as presented. Jeff Gardener seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Upcoming Meetings: The next member meetings will be 9/19, 10/17, & 11/21. The 11/21 meeting is two days before Thanksgiving. The December meeting is December 19th.  The motion was made by Jeff Gardener to move the November meetings to 11/7 for the Board Meeting, and 11/14 for the Member Meeting. We could discuss the tour, and have a potluck. Further, in the same motion, the December Meeting would be moved to December 12th. It would be a combined Christmas Party, and a “thank you” to the homeowners who opened their home for the tour. The motion was seconded by Annie Howe. Motion Carried.

Great Race Banners: The banners are now for sale. SPAR is going to do the Springfield banners, but they are very hard to put up.

Holiday Home Tour: Chris Farley asked how hard it would be to close Main Street between 7th & 8th. The board though that closing the street would be very difficult, especially since 8th Street is the main road to the hospital. Chris said she would have the list of houses and sponsorship packets at the Tour Meeting on August 17th.

Committee Reports:

Rentals: We have 1 new booking since our last meeting.

Membership: We are continuing to collect annual dues.

Building: We must build a handrail for the ramp. Bob Olson will build it to match what is currently there. The COA is in progress. The storms and heavy rain brought water to the fifth step of the building. Adam reported that the air vents still have water in them. Lena Castro said she was going to draft a letter to City, asking why the drains can’t be kept clean. 

Grounds: No Report.

Archives: Jeff has the 2001 photographs, however, some are not uploaded yet. He is missing some houses, and will go and check on them. He invited Diane Graese to speak about her ideas for the archives. First, she contends the archives need space and accessibility. Jeff already has volunteers, but more are needed. There are excess copies of Home Tour booklets. These items could be used for a future fundraiser. We could start by approaching the homeowners whose home was featured. We then sell any of the excess books at the Home Tour. Jeff has quite a collection of Historical magazines. She suggested those items could also be sold at the Home Tour. Secondly, she had the idea of organizing with other committees to re-organize what is already here. This could be a mini-project (going through the archive boxes upstairs, and decide where to put and preserve. Jeff will be managing these projects, and will email everyone about the schedules. It was stressed that only ONE project should be focused on at any given time.

Garden Club: No one has volunteered to host for August.

New Business: Julia Rider She continues to be in contact with the church at 6th and Market whose windows are failing. She will have an update for us soon.

Announcements: Our Membership Meeting is July 18 at 6:30 P.M.

Adjourn: There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Tim Howe, and seconded by Annie Howe. Motion Carried.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 P.M.

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