City Council Meeting


The Historic Springfield Overlay is under attack. City Council will vote Tuesday night on an agreement with Ability Housing that could decimate our protection from the "special uses" it was designed to regulate. Your voice and your presence count. We need numbers to show Council that this matters to us. We are requesting a delay in their vote in order to work out a better long term solution. Please make it a priority to attend both meetings if possible but especially the City Council meeting on Tuesday night. In the meantime, email Council members to voice your concerns.

Info on Monday's Meeting

More Background Information


Here's the outline for starting an email:



Subject: 2017-36, 2017-68 and 2017-69

Dear City Council & Mayor Curry,


John & Jane Doe

February 28, 2017 at 5pm - 7pm
City Hall - 117 West Duval Street (Lynwood Roberts Room, 1st Floor)

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