March Community Meeting


Joseph Loretta of Genesis presented an update. Genesis and the client, Mark Gerenger of GNP Development Partners based in Tampa, will soon be presenting to the SPAR DRC, the City, and HPC. They expect to have architectural renderings in 4-6 weeks, and we have therefore invited them back to our May meeting for an update, and to share them. Come join us for that, because SIAA will also be celebrating our birthday! We are looking good for 112 years old! Serving Springfield since 1904.

But back to the development. There may be some redundancy here from the presentation in January, but bear with me for those that may not have been there. They plan to file a PUD. 10% has to be commercial. They plan to utilize the Jewish Center building facing the park and the brick faced building on Silver Street for residential units. The Jewish Center will also have a commercial/retail component on the 1st floor, with residential above. Where the dentist building is, facing the park, they plan to have commercial on the 1st floor, and residential above, with a drive through in the middle (like at 3rd and Main I guess.) On the Pearl Street side, they plan to request demolition of the non-contributing structure, and build townhomes/apartments on that side of the parcel. Then on the corner of 3rd and Silver, where the Jewish Center that burned stood, there will be a pool area and another small (1200 sf-ish) commercial/retail building, on the park side of that area. Maybe a coffee shop or something like that. I believe they said they are hoping for 78 units. They plan a mix of about 2/3 one bedroom and 1/3 two bedroom, market rate apartments.

They are working with HPC ahead of time so they know what will be required and can work it into their design. They hope to get through the rounds of permits, regulatory reviews, HPC reviews, etc., in 3-4 months to clear the way to begin construction.

They are self-financed, and have the means to complete the project without obtaining financing, which has been one of the reasons for Springfield heartbreak in the past - inability of a developer to obtain financing for their project.

Exciting stuff. May fortune smile on us this time around.

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