FSCJ Student Project

Keep yours eyes open for FSCJ students in Springfield! SIAA and SPAR are working closely with Sarah Stuart's (yes, Springfield's resident professor!) English Class, for a course titled "Historic Preservation and Writing: Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida." For this class, each student will select three of Springfield's historic houses or commercial buildings and document them by completing a Florida Master Site File Historical Structure Form. This task includes recording information on location, history, and architectural description, and photographing each building's exterior. This new form will update the now 31-year-old building files currently held by SPAR and available on SIAA's website.

I'm sure that all of us will make these students feel at home in Springfield. If you see them, please say hello and show your interest in their work. For reference, they'll be the ones with notebooks/clipboards/cameras, staring at our wonderful homes!

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