July 10, 2018

SIAA Board Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2018


Present:  Julie Rider, Michael Trautmann, Adam Halstead, Debra Thompson, Lisa Dunn, Lena Castro, Ken, & Shannon Elian

The meeting was called to order by Adam Halstead at 7:02 p.m.  

Minutes: Adam asked everyone if they had reviewed the May minutes.  Michael Trautmann made the motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Julia Rider. Motion Carried.

Treasury Report:  Debra Thompson made the motion to accept the Treasury Report as presented, seconded by Michael Trautmann. Motion Carried.

Bricks:  The Holiday Society would like all the bricks for the flagpole in Klutho Park but are not able to buy them. Michael Trautmann suggested SIAA sell them and give the Holiday Society what is left. Michael also warned that the flagpole is behind the bandstand, and that placing the bricks there would require a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA), and permits. Michael Trautmann made a motion to sell the bricks on a first come first served basis for $10.00 per brick. The limit would be 10 per household. The bricks must be picked up within 48 hours. The rest of the bricks would be offered to the Holiday Society at $5.00 per brick, and they must be picked up from Chris Farley’s yard. Debra Thompson seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Holiday Home Tour: Volunteers and Chairs are needed for the committees. Michael Trautmann suggested the Holiday Society may want to volunteer. Lisa Dunn suggested we could recruit some of the newer members who want to be involved. There was discussion on what a good job Chris Farley did with the Tour Book last year. It was agreed that we would ask her if she would do it this year. SIAA needs a Tour theme. Some ideas were discussed. The Sponsor letter was to be sent out. There was to be a Facebook post to secure homes for the Tour. It was decided that a Home Tour Meeting would be held on July 19 at SIAA for all interested parties.

Membership Meetings & Membership: The reminders are sent 2 or 3 times on social media before the meeting. Lisa Dunn inquired about the newsletter SIAA used to do. The suggestion was made that maybe we could start that again. Julia suggested a series of articles about historic homes. Another idea was to establish a “Marketing Committee.” Michael Trautmann suggested a movie in the park in September or October. Food trucks could be secured, and everyone liked “The Money Pit” for the movie. Perhaps we could give classes on researching homes on the SIAA website. The plan was made for another spaghetti dinner.

Board Retreat: Adam Halstead mentioned the planned Board Retreat. This would be a 4-5 hour block on a Saturday. Adam will suggest dates for August.

Committee Reports:

Rentals: We have 7 scheduled bookings through December.

Membership: Already discussed.

Oral History: 3 more are scheduled.

Building: We are scheduling a “deep cleaning.”

Grounds:  Michael Trautmann would like to have the trees trimmed. He requests a $1000 budget and will bring estimates to the Board next month.

Archives: No report.

Garden Club: Lena Castro is the host for July. The meeting will be at 6:30 July 26 at 355 W. 5th Street. Debra Thompson is trying to secure a host for the August meeting.

Springfield Holiday Society: There has been no meeting since the SIAA board last met.

New Business: None.

Announcements: Julie is still working with the church at 6th and Market concerning what can be done to save the stained-glass windows.

Adjourn: There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Michael Trautmann and seconded by Julie Rider. Motion Carried. 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:42 P.M.

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