Main and Six Brewing


Bill 2016-0476, rezoning for the Main and Six Brewing was presented to City Council tonight for vote. Since proper notification wasn’t sent to churches within 1,500 feet of the property the council voted 17-0 to send it back to the LUZ Committee.

This provides the churches additional time to oppose the change. The time is now to show our support for the brewery! It’s important we write letters and attend both LUZ and City Council meetings.

More information on the bill can be found here:

Please send City Council letters of support to:,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

SIAA will continue to monitor the status of the bill and will post updates when available.

UPDATE as of 09/29/2016:

Just spoke with Jessica Matthews, Legislative Assistant for the LUZ (Land Use & Zoning) Committee. At this time she can’t confirm the bill won’t be brought up in some form at the 10/04 LUZ meeting, possibly for discussion, however it definitely won’t be voted on at said meeting. Jessica will know more after their agenda meeting tomorrow. Planning and Development is sending out certified letters to all churches within 1,500 feet of the proposed location informing them of the meeting for the proposed zoning change. This would not be enough notice for the 10/04 meeting. Most likely the vote will take place at the 10/18 LUZ Meeting and will then go to the full City Council on 10/25.

Letters of support are encouraged! All letters sent to City Officials, Councilman, and staff are public record and become part of the file. This information is announced at the meetings, the more support shown the better!

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