October 16, 2018

SIAA Board Meeting Minutes October 16, 2018

Present:  Julia Rider, Michael Trautmann, Debra Thompson, Lissa Dunn, Lindsay Shugerman, & Shannon Elian

The meeting was called to order by Michael Trautmann shortly after 7:00 p.m.  

Minutes:  Michael asked if everyone had reviewed the minutes. The motion was made by Debra Thompson to accept the minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Lindsay Shugerman.  Motion Carried.

Treasury Report:  Lissa Dunn made the motion to accept the Treasury Report as presented, seconded by Debra Thompson. Motion Carried. The request was made to have the check register at the next Board Meeting.

Community Outreach:  Lindsay would like to reach people in the neighborhood that are not on social media. Julia asked about flyers to post at local businesses. Debbie suggested a postcard or a tri-fold pamphlet. Julia suggested handing out business cards. Michael thought it would be a good idea to distribute the pamphlets to board members to hand out as they see fit. Michael made a motion to have Lindsay do a draft and present it at the next Board meeting. The motion was seconded by Julia Rider. Motion Carried.

Grants from LISC: Debbie suggested making a list of things SIAA wants to do with regards to infrastructure on Main Street. Lissa advised that matching grants were available, and the application is due by December 3. Michael made the motion for Lissa to explore options for pursuit of a grant to improve the neighborhood landscaping on Main Street. Julia Rider seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Committee Reports:

Rentals: We have 3 scheduled, 1 new since last month.

Membership: We have 2 new members since the August meeting.

Oral History:  Lissa reported that we have been assigned an intern to video tape the interviews. She is excited about this.

Building: No Report.

Grounds:  No report, other than the trees need trimming as they are brushing the building. Julia volunteered to do lopping, cleaning, and trimming.

Archives: Lindsay would like to explore a new website. Michael made the motion for Lindsay to gather bids for the new website at a cost less than $2000. Further, the cost for “Past Perfect” training per person is $86.25. Lindsay and Cherri Picard would take the class, and cross train other members of the committee. Lissa Dunn seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

The Consortium is exploring streaming on the website.

Home Tour: The tour will consist of 5 houses. Michael said Cotten’s would like to have a sponsorship and will visit the restaurant tomorrow.

Springfield Sesquicentennial: Lissa advised tomorrow is the next meeting. There will be events scheduled all next year. Suggestions included open mic nights, movie in the park, a tea party, and yoga in the park. Lissa also had ideas for a time capsule and is learning new ways to store the items. She advised a container for the time capsule can cost upwards of $500. She suggested a fundraiser for this purpose. Michael advised that he has a lot of newspaper clippings, and we should talk about a project to begin scanning them.

Movie in the Park: It is this Friday, October 19. It was discussed whether to have a costume party and what categories would be chosen. Michael made the motion to spend $100 on popcorn, bags, and ribbons or lollypops for prizes. Julia Rider seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Garden Club: Michael offered to host the October meeting.

Springfield Holiday Society: Debbie made the motion to purchase the material to mount the lights on a selected bridge, up to $500.00. Lindsay Shugerman seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

New Business: Debbie made the motion to draft a letter of support, for the business moving into 4th and Main and have Shannon sign on behalf of SIAA. Lissa Dunn seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Adjourn: There was a motion to adjourn the meeting by Debra Thompson and seconded by Julia Rider. Motion Carried. Meeting Adjourned at 8:54 P.M.

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