September 13, 2016 - DRAFT

SIAA Tour Meeting Minutes September 13, 2016

Present:  Adam Halstead, Lena Castro, Austin Riley, Kiley Secrest, Shannon Elian, Debra Thompson & Jeff Gardner

Eventbrite was discussed. It has another name starting with a “904.” We are not going to do this because of the cost, and no benefits. There is another site we may be able to promote through. It is $2.00 extra, but it was not clear if we had to go through them exclusively. Austin said the $2.00 fee could be pitched as advertising expenses.

Jacksonville Magazine will take a picture of the Sanford home on 6th Street. She will decorate for Christmas. If they can’t get a picture, Chris Farley has been in contact with First Coast Magazine.

Austin asked about pictures from the tours from previous years.

Lena Castro said that in the past, gutted homes were put on the tour. The vendors were present to tell tour visitors what they were doing, and the phases they were in. NO SALES PITCHES. There have been realtors that wanted to hand out flyers of their houses for sale. We could offer a list of houses for sales. That would include all of them.

Jeff suggested sending out a mailing about the tour. He wants to do the print books by mid-November. We discussed the tickets, and entering to win a prize. We have several items (books) in mind from the Jacksonville Historical Society. We do not have to print the prizes on the tickets.

Sponsorships are coming in.

Austin is working on the ideas for the tour book. We would have a thick cover, with thinner inside pages. There would be a map on the back.

Debra asked about whether Johannes could make an app for the tour. If he can’t, she suggested “” She saw them at One Spark last year.

Debra asked if there would be a back tour sponsor. None of us would turn that away, but Austin suggested we offer that next year.